What a great season 3 I hope this is not the end I hope we see everybody this fall but we’ll just have to wait ‪#‎gladiators‬ still can’t believe I’m not going to get my jam in Vermont pp ‪#‎SCANDALFINALE‬@scandalabc


Scandal Recap


Omg this episode of scandal was omg especially for the last five mins of it now I must admit it kinda was a little slow for me but it sped up with Olivia told Andrew pick Millie or pick being the vice president there was no love scene from #Olitz but there was a juicy scene with #Olake yes it was really juicy where I gotten a little hot but when it came down to mama pope & daddy pope showdown I had my money on mama pope but when it came down for huck shut down #B613 omg then Jake came out of no where& said what did you do can’t wait for next week’s episode see you next time #GLADIATORS

No Scandal for 3 WEEKS


Me,myself& I are a lil bit angryabout another 3WEEKS OF NO SCANDAL yes VERY UPSET but its
cool I just cope with the fact that Oliva found out about The Captin and how he was spying
on her for the President then he shows up when she’s in the hospital REALLY!!!!!!!!! This
is so upsetting me that I have to wait for another 3WEEKS WHEN THEY ALREADY BEEN GONE FOR

Two Weeks


Omg so I’ve been going through a thing witout my Scandal on Thursday.
I’m freaking serious people I’ve been getting really angry because I get
excited when Thursdays comes around the corner and I know that a new epiodes
of lust heartbreaking dramafied Scandal comes on and look forward for Oliva
and Fitz
get together have thier real love lusty affair it keeps me going
for the rest of the week. Soooooooo ABC & Shonda Rhimes need to get it together
I mean we have netflix for the reruns when you guys show the season finale but the
season didnt end yet so can I have my new show please before i go crazy people.

Mz. Gina V.
A Super Scandal Fan



Ok last night scandal was really a nail biting from every second all the way into the beginning to the very end where it had me to the edge of my seat Lord lol but my favorite part was Fitz said to Olivia “will you wait for me ” omg that was a sexy moment right there oh I can’t wait for next week #gamechanger lol