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Mz. WindyCityUnderGround. Com Aka Mz. Gina V.

Hello to all my fans the lovely Bionce’ Foxx Gave your favorite Diva In The Streets a new Nickname & it does fits me
So til I graduate from the Lovely Illinois Center Of Broadcasting (ICB) I am the one & only Mz. WindyCityUnderGround.com
AKA Mz. Gina V. You can catch me on Friday’s as on of the LoudPacks on The LoudHouse for 9pm-12pm Then on Sunday 12pm-2pm & Tuesday 6pm-9pm
on ShaneikaSpeaks & Sunday 2pm-5pm on The Meechie Hall Show yes i’m all over the place in there but hey there’s only one Diva for the job and that’s
your one & only Mz. Gina V.