What a great season 3 I hope this is not the end I hope we see everybody this fall but we’ll just have to wait ‪#‎gladiators‬ still can’t believe I’m not going to get my jam in Vermont pp ‪#‎SCANDALFINALE‬@scandalabc


Scandal Recap


Omg this episode of scandal was omg especially for the last five mins of it now I must admit it kinda was a little slow for me but it sped up with Olivia told Andrew pick Millie or pick being the vice president there was no love scene from #Olitz but there was a juicy scene with #Olake yes it was really juicy where I gotten a little hot but when it came down to mama pope & daddy pope showdown I had my money on mama pope but when it came down for huck shut down #B613 omg then Jake came out of no where& said what did you do can’t wait for next week’s episode see you next time #GLADIATORS