Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Finale


I’m super excited for tonight Season 3 Finale I’m on the edge of my seat where I want to know whats going to happen next season
yes I know i’m super ahead of myself but what can I say I’m an supper achiever just Like Spencer here spencer-4_FULL But i am sad that
this season is already ending but I was getting started 😦 but I am glad Spencer is out of Radley and that she acting somewhat normal but now she’s on the -A Team like seriously and we’re also find out the blonde in the Red Coat shaking my Head is it AllisonAlison_ CeCe Cece-Drake-3-cece-drake-31597393-500-281 (1) who is the lady in The Red Coat

We’ll Find Out Tonight @7pm on ABCFamilyprettylitteliarsALLYALISONisstillaliveREDCOATSPencerTobydeath



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